What to Bring

Some Items to Remember for your Cruise: 

  • Fishing gear and crab net are supplied, bring your favourite lures and gear 
  • Extra bedding   -  sleeping bags, tents
  • Special medication you will need during your vacation
  • Specialty cooking equipment - bring your personal favourites
  • Favourite spices (We supply salt and pepper)
  • CDs and cassette tapes    
  • Sun tan lotion     
  • Beach towels     
  • Aqua sox (for walking on rocky beaches)     
  • Snorkel equipment      
  • Wet weather gear - jackets, pants, boots     
  • Boat shoes (white soles)  
  • Ear drops for swimmers ear (nothing worse than a bad earache on vacation)      
  • Binoculars     
  • Handheld GPS     
  • Personal log book
  • Sun hat / sunglasses / sun visor (sun reflection off the water can be intense)