Take a tour of the Butchart Gardens

There is plenty to do once you have boarded the luxurious and quality built 63' yacht known as Captains Impatient! And if you are looking for a relaxing holiday away from the crowds in a private setting then look no further.

Aboard the Pacific Northwest's most luxurious yacht, you can have the holiday of your dream from spending hours lounging in the sun, reading your book to exploring the rarely seen beauty of the area's hidden gems. Or you can visit the floral displays of the Butchart Gardens, 55 acres of the most beautiful national historic site of Canada.

Sailing from coal harbour, just 25 minutes from the Vancouver airport, the Captains Impatient! is ready to take up to 25 guests for an afternoon jaunt to the gardens in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island. If you want to take a longer trip, the yacht sleeps 6-8 comfortably and can turn an afternoon of sightseeing into a weekend getaway to some of the most hard to find places that our Canadian west coast has to offer.

The best way to enter the Gardens is from the dock where you disembark and enter the Gardens through the “secret” entrance. You can spend as much time as you like on an unhurried tour where you can explore the gardens, lawns and fountains that make up one of the world’s premier flower shows. Take the time to enjoy a leisurely lunch or tea at the either the Gardens’ restaurant or cafeteria.

From the Gardens, sail Captain's Impatient! On a tour of the Saanich Inlet and enjoy the unrestricted view of rugged scenery and rich marine life that includes harbour seals, majestic bald eagles and the giant jellyfish that are abundant in this quiet deep-water fjord that's beauty draws scuba divers from miles around. One of the best dive spots in the area is Christmas Point, a boat dive on the south-west shore of the Inlet that is known as one of Vancouver Island's best dive sites.

Because the best life to see is at depths of 100'-120' it is considered an intermediate to advanced dive site. Tides and currents are not a concern in the area but the algae and plankton are in full bloom and can be a problem in the summer months.

Visit the Butchart Gardens and stop and take in the great scenery below the surface of the waters of the area aboard Captains Impatient! Or plan your own special holiday with the information available on the Getaway Yacht Charters website. Contact Getaway Yacht Charters Today


The Best Way to Experience Vancouvers West Coast

Earlier this spring, our neighbors came home from their week-long holiday to the west coast and when they started showing us their photos, my husband and I knew that our next vacation will be aboard Captains Impatient!

We made our way out of Coal Harbor, where the luxurious 63' beauty that belongs to GetAway Yacht Charters is moored. A bit of a refresher and some sailing tips and our four day tour that took us to many of the west coast's most famous landmarks began.

There is plenty to see and I recommend that you do you homework before getting started. However, the following are offered to inspire you to plan you own special holiday.

A quick detour south before we leave the Vancouver harbor offers a view of the spectacular Canada Place and the cruise ship terminals that welcome over one million passengers from more than 300 sailings by major international cruise lines every year. The facility hosts annual community events year round and offers the great city of Vancouver an opportunity to show off to visitors from all over the world.

Heading north, our next stop is the Burrard Inlet, otherwise famously known as the gateway to the Pacific. The calm waters of Burrard Inlet form Vancouver's primary port area and this relatively shallow fjord, formed during the last ice age, is dotted along its shoreline with both residential and commercial properties.

The inlet separates the City of Vancouver from the steep slopes of the North Shore Mountains and the breathtaking scene from the boat was only the beginning of the best adventure we've been on to-date.

We cruised past the famous Stanley Park and its 400 hectares of natural west coast rain forest that is leased by the Federal Government as parkland. The park is home to several famous landmarks, monuments and first nation's art including the totem poles at Brockton Point that are the most visited tourist attraction in British Columbia.

The rugged Lighthouse Park and its 185 acres of old growth forest provides a great backdrop as we sail around the south tip of West Vancouver and out of the Burrard Inlet. The lighthouse reserve was named for the Point Atkinson Lighthouse that stands on the edge of the park's peninsula.

Out of the bay, we spent the next three leisurely days sailing to some spectacular discoveries including my favorite, Passage Island at the entrance to Howe Sound. This isolated island is a haven for summer cottage owners and renters and provides a spectacular view of downtown Vancouver.

As the final day of our trip turned to twilight the beauty of the spectacular city skyline as we sailed back toward Coal Harbor, almost distracted us from the fact that our trip was coming to an end.

To witness nature in its glory and the breathtaking views of the mountainous shorelines of the west coast you should follow our lead and contract the professionals at GetAway Yacht Charters to experience a holiday like you've never had before.

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