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Howe sound (8 Hours Min)

Hop aboard and ensure you have your camera ready for what is sure to be a memorable day cruising through the islands of Howe Sound. Aboard Captains Impatient we will leave our home berth in  Coal Harbour and head out around beautiful Stanley Park and then west underneath the Lions Gate bridge. We will continue west alongside the shores of West Vancouver towards Point Atkinson and turn up into Queen Charlotte Channel and into Howe Sound. Now you will have many choices of how to spend the balance of your day.

Maybe head over to the very popular Bowen Island and upon arrival on Bowen, check in at the restored Union Steamship Company store just up the hill. The Greater Vancouver Regional District houses its park reception centre here where you can pick up a map of Crippen Regional Park, as well as a historic walking tour guide. Across Government Road is a row of shops, including a bakery and two pubs, featuring Bowen Island brew for those hot thirsty days. Or relive the resort life of the 1920s with a visit to the Cottage Museum, and pore over old-time photos and displays in the Historian's Museum at the crossroads.

Maybe cruise north passing Bowyer Island on your left with Sunset Beach on your right as we continue north and pass Porteau Cove Marine Park and continue on towards Squamish. Always the possibility of stopping and touring the local Brewery before we turn back south and continue back around the other side of Anvil Island and also Gambier Island. Care to stop at Gibsons landing?

Gibson's Lnding and Molly's ReachGibsons Landing  scenic seaside village is located on the shores of Howe Sound beneath stunning vistas of the coastal mountains. Visit legendary Molly's Reach Restaurant, where CBC filmed the internationally televised series The Beachcombers for nearly two decades . Miles of protected waterways bound by majestic mountains that rise straight out of the sea, clusters of islands both large and small, numerous channels, inlets and sounds combine to create the ideal environment for both beginner and experienced kayakers and yachters.

Then we will start our return to English Bay and Vancouver where you will have the opportunity to take photographs of the Vancouver Skyline and recount your fabulous day of cruising and all you have experienced. And yes, we can stop to pick up our crab traps and check our luck if that was on your wish list!!